BoxBox Furniture – Mission and sustainable development

The name BoxBox sounds simple because the interior products we create are all in the shape of boxes, from the details you can create your own completely new interior world, according to your personality.

Boxbox is created by a team of young designers, who accept trade-offs and go in a direction completely different from tradition, attaching themselves to greater responsibilities than developing a product that brings benefits. mere profit. Boxbox products have timeless durability because they are made of electrostatic steel or stainless steel – materials that are difficult to corrode over time. On the other hand, the strict production process that follows German standards so that Boxbox products are eligible for export to foreign countries is also a plus point for Boxbox products.

Say no to littering the environment, all Boxbox products can be recycled, reused, or renewed so that they can be turned into completely new products with different uses. Optimizing costs for users by being flexible in designs, diverse in installation, and easy in expanding the area and using functions, Boxbox offers customers products for all the space you need.