Thai Hung Company builds a factory in Thai Binh

The project “Thai Hung Electromechanical Plant” has been cherished by Mr. Tran Minh Thao – company leader since 2016 with the aim of building a proactive base in terms of production capacity and a strong base in the industry. Thai Hung Industry – Technology Complex. With that determination, the Company has sent many delegations to visit factories and universities worldwide to access technology and establish business opportunities. And finally, the Company decided to implement the project “Thai Hung M&E Factory” with the focus on building a production base with a methodical scale, modern equipment, applying automation in production, ensuring ensure the birth of high-tech products, meeting the standards of the most demanding markets in the world.

The construction project of Thai Hung M&E Factory is currently one of the prominent projects with a large scale with an area of ​​​​about 20,000 m2. The project has been approved by the Thai Binh People’s Committee and licensed to deploy in An Bai Industrial Park – An Bai town, Quynh Phu District, Thai Binh province; This is seen as expressing the desire to contribute to the construction of a prosperous Thai Binh homeland.

Thai Binh Hung Thinh Joint Stock Company specializes in manufacturing and assembling electric vehicles with a total investment of 254 billion VND, equivalent to 9.5 million Euro divided into several phases. Currently, Director Trinh Thanh Hai is implementing a project to build 4 high-rise buildings and ancillary items for the Thai Hung M&E plant. The primary capacity of the factory is to manufacture and assemble specialized electric vehicles, electric golf carts, and sightseeing buses, which are expected to come into operation in April 2022.

The scope of construction has a total construction area of nearly 7,000 m2, the total construction floor area is 21,000 m2 and the proportion of trees is 8,700m2, equivalent to over 40%. With modern production lines, advanced and environmentally friendly technology, including 1MW solar battery system, more than 100 industrial robots in production and assembly, standard test track; The goal of Thai Hung M&E Factory is to produce 5,000 electric vehicles/year and 50,000 mechanical products/year.