〉 General introduction





Thai Hung Corp was established in 2006 as a processing company for export. By 2018, the company was restructured to become an industrial complex with the idea of ​​starting a business in the field of E-mobility and smart home appliances. This goal strongly represents the aspiration to build a prosperous Vietnam, and is reflected in the determined slogan: “Thai Binh – Hung Thinh – Kien Quoc”, which strongly inspires the entire organization.


In October 2019, we officially implemented the project “Thai Hung Mechatronic Factory” in Thai Binh province with an investment scale of 9.4 million Euro, with the main production capacity of electric vehicles. Currently, we have established Giong GmbH in Hannover, Germany as our subsidiary. GionG is working with advanced partners in vehicle technology and plans to officially bring the product to market in 2022. In addition, the company also produces smart home appliances for the German market and is starting a project on AI Camera. The products developed by us all apply advanced technologies: Minimalist in form but Optimal in intelligent features. This is completely in line with today’s modern global consumer trends and promises an enjoyable user experience.