Instructions for dealer registering for Thái Hưng electric vehicles.

Profit potential of up to 500 million VND per month is an attractive investment opportunity when becoming a dealer of Thai Hung electric vehicles. Complete instructions for registering as a Thai Hung electric vehicle dealer will help customers quickly seize the opportunity to become partners and enjoy many privileges from Thai Hung.

Featuring compact size, easy maneuverability, and equipped with powerful electric motors to minimize noise and emissions, Thai Hung electric vehicles are likened to “friendly companions” in specialized areas such as golf courses, resorts, parks, and tourist areas. Therefore, by becoming a dealer of Thai Hung electric vehicles, partners will have the opportunity to boost sales and achieve sustainable profit growth. Customers are encouraged to refer to the instructions for registering as a distributor of Thai Hung electric vehicles and complete the procedures today to not miss out on attractive privileges.

1. Steps to register as dealer of Thai Hung electric vehicles:

To become a partner of Thái Hưng, customers can register their information on the official website of Thai Hung’s electric vehicle dealership. The registration should include the following details:

  • Full Name (*):
  • Business Name (if applicable):
  • Phone Number (*):
  • Contact Email (*):
  • Province/City:
  • Business Information:
  • Initial Investment (*):
  • Selection if the Customer has experience in Automotive or Related Electrical Equipment and already has a location
  • Note (if any):

(*): Mandatory Information

Customers fill in the information to quickly and easily receive support in registering as a dealer of Thai Hung’s electric vehicles.

2. The benefits that partners receive when cooperating with Thái Hưng include

In the context of the increasing trend towards electrification of transportation, Thai Hung’s electric vehicle models are designed with compact dimensions and versatile features, perfectly meeting the needs of commuting in densely populated urban areas, tourist areas, golf courses, and residential areas. Thanks to these outstanding advantages, Thai Hung’s electric vehicle dealers will have the opportunity to boost sales, expand their sales networks, and achieve sustainable profit growth. In addition, partners who register as Thai Hung’s electric vehicle dealers also receive many attractive support benefits, such as:

  • Support in Business Planning: Thai Hung provides guidance in developing business plans, recruiting personnel, etc., to help dealers have suitable business strategies and maximize resources.
  • Support Policies for Construction and Training:
  • Software: Thai Hung provides sales support tools, order management, etc.
  • Training: Partners participate in business training programs, professional workshops on products, technical aspects, and after-sales services organized by Thái Hưng.
  • Communication: All Thai Hung electric vehicle dealers receive strong support in communication and advertising to boost sales.

Furthermore, Thai Hung’s electric vehicle dealers can also increase sustainable revenue through maintenance and servicing throughout the product lifecycle for Thái Hưng electric vehicles. This is one of the attractive benefits that partners receive compared to other brands.

3. Requirements for Thai Hung’s Electric Vehicle Dealers

Always putting customers at the center, product quality and service are crucial to development. Therefore, Thai Hung also sets certain requirements for newly registered dealership networks, including:

  • Geographical Location: The dealership location must be situated on a main traffic axis and within Thai Hung’s business development strategy.
  • Area: A minimum area of 200m2 with a frontage width of at least 10m.
  • Stable Internet Connectivity: The area should have stable internet connectivity.
With Thai Hung’s support, business partners as dealers will have the opportunity for sustainable growth in sales and high-profit margins. Moreover, becoming an electric vehicle dealership helps increase market share in green vehicles, contributing to environmental protection.
With the provided instructions for registering as a Thái Hưng electric vehicle dealership, customers are encouraged to leave their information for consultation today!
Customers in need of advice can contact Thai Hung’s Customer Service Department at: