The first electric van in Vietnam will be officially distributed in Thai Hung

Nowadays, in the Vietnamese market, electric vehicles are no longer strange, but electric vans are still a fairly new name. Thai Hung will distribute the first electric van in Vietnam with outstanding features that trucks usually do not have.

Forecasting the development of electric vehicles The size of the world electric vehicle market will increase from 4,093 units in 2021 and increase to 34,756 thousand units in 2030. Currently, the demand for transportation is increasing. With the development of society and rising gasoline prices, electric cars are a perfect alternative. Furthermore, with vehicles that do not use waste, the government will have reasonable support policies. This has forced manufacturers to speed up the pace to deliver electric vehicles worldwide. Therefore, to replace conventional trucks, electric vans are a smart choice. Outstanding advantages of electric vans Electric Vans possess a modern configuration and powerful operation Electric Vans possess a safe driving equipment system. These are the ABS braking system, electric power steering system and sturdy chassis system. Aerodynamic cabin design, largest wheelbase in the Van segment. The wheel axle is brought completely towards the front of the car, helping the car to be more compact. Convert wind force into thrust, just light the accelerator pedal, saving fuel. The engine cooling radiator integrated into the large front bumper frame creates a sharp and strong line. The 2-seat van has a strong chassis design, combined with efficiency-enhancing features. Thus, the vehicle operates safely, has high durability and longevity.

Electric Van has a modern and luxurious design The 2-seat van is designed in the style of a passenger vehicle. With this type of shaping, the Van becomes less rough and enhances the image of a regular cargo vehicle. This design contributes to building aesthetics and civilization in urban areas and large cities. The Van has a smart, sophisticated and sturdy structure. The components are designed in harmony with a combination of elegant design and sophisticated lines. Functional positions such as the cabin door, cargo door and rear of the vehicle are designed as a unified whole. In addition, the electric Van has an optimized wheelbase of more than 3 meters. This part brings the front axle to the front of the vehicle, creating safety for easy and convenient control. Convenient and easy-to-use interior Electric Vans also have the same interior design as regular 2-seat Van trucks. Equipment includes felt seats and entertainment equipment. Entertainment devices include Radio, FM and jacks to connect technology devices. These devices support safe driving and vehicle control. In addition, the cabin is equipped with 1 driver’s seat and 1 passenger seat. Open space compared to other trucks. Powerful 3-spoke steering wheel, high manual shift lever with integrated gear steering system, electric power rack supports precise driving. The car still has an integrated clutch, brake and anti-slip accelerator pedal. This device supports the driver in the most effective way. Thai Hung is the newest distributor of electric vans in Vietnam. With a professional and modern assembly factory, Thai Hung is confident it will be the leading supplier of electric vans in Vietnam. To understand more details about the Thai Hung electric vehicle line, please contact us with the information below:

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