Update the construction situation of Thai Hung factory

Thai Hung is one of the first units in Vietnam to have an electric vehicle assembly factory. With the goal of being proactive in supply, the factory’s after-sales maintenance and repair policy for electric vehicles is being urgently completed. Thai Hung factory began construction in December 2021. Up to now, the factory is gradually being completed on schedule by the end of 2022. Thai Hung factory was born as a strong base to supply products Latest technology. With such a big goal, the company has had business trips domestically and internationally. Business trips to access technology and find partners to facilitate the construction of the factory. Thai Hung factory has a large scale, equipped with modern equipment and automation in production. The factory is expected to produce high-tech products that meet strict market standards. Allocation of Thai Hung factory Thai Hung Factory is being prepared for completion by the construction team as quickly as possible. This is necessary to meet the schedule by the end of 2022 this year. The mechanical and electrical factory includes a full range of workshops and departments to best serve the production and operation process. Factories and departments include: three factories, operator house, showroom, parking lot, charging station, cafeteria, fire hydrant tank, transformer station, repair workshop, wastewater treatment station, vehicle test track and parking. Unlike other factories, Thai Hung factory especially has a car showroom right at the factory. Finished products will be displayed directly at the factory. Showroom so that customers and visiting groups can easily select and market products. Furthermore, product display can create a professional factory and increase aesthetics. Below are some detailed information about the factory: Total investment is 9.5 million Euro equivalent to 254 billion VND Construction scale:

  • Land area equivalent to 20,000 m2
  • The factory includes a high-rise building and auxiliary works,
  • Total construction area is nearly 7000m2,
  • Total construction floor area is 21,000 m2
  • The proportion of green trees is 8,700m2, equivalent to over 40%.

Outstanding equipment:

  • 1MW solar battery system
  • Equipping industrial robots in production and assembly.
  • Standard test track

Estimated construction time: 12-24 months Production capacity:

  • Electric vehicles of all types: over 5,000 vehicles/year
  • Other mechanical products: over 50,000 products/year

The project has been approved by the People’s Committee of Thai Binh province and licensed to deploy in An Bai Industrial Park – An Bai town, Quynh Phu district, Thai Binh province. This is considered an action expressing the desire to contribute to building a prosperous Thai Binh homeland. The situation of Thai Hung factory so far has completed the exterior model with a solid and meticulous design preparing for the launch that promises to bring a boom.