Thái Hưng was established in 2006 as a manufacturing and export unit. After a long period of producing electric vehicles, in 2020 we officially launched a startup project focused on electric vehicles with well-organized investment from the stages of research and product development, production organization, to business solutions and additional service products.

Initially, the company established the Thái Hưng Electromechanical Factory in An Bài Town, Quỳnh Phụ District, Thái Bình Province. The Thái Hưng Factory has the capacity to produce various types of electric vehicles, including:

  • Electric carts
  • Golf and sightseeing cars
  • And the main focus is on small electric cars

The factory has five main functional areas, including:

  • The administration building
  • A showroom for displaying and introducing products
  • A warranty and repair workshop (meeting the standards of Vietnamese registration regulations)
  • A dining and break area that can accommodate up to 300 people at one time
  • And finally, the production workshop.

The production area of the factory comprises three large buildings, with a total area of nearly 15,000 square meters, including: Building N01, Building N02, Building N03.

Recently, the R&D department designed a series of electric carts consisting of five product lines, intended for short-distance transportation within internal areas. These vehicles have been warmly received by factory owners, farms, and commercial areas, capturing a large market share nationwide and beginning to secure export orders.

Thái Hưng has collaborated with Wuling Automobile to exclusively manufacture golf and sightseeing cars in Vietnam. The production workshop is equipped with modern facilities, including a welding workshop (with robotic welding), an automatic painting booth, and an assembly line (showing workers assembling). This setup has been evaluated and certified by the Vietnam Register. When operational, the factory can produce between 2,000 to 4,000 golf and sightseeing cars annually.

The Mechanical Workshop has two floors. On the first floor, the frame and body parts of the vehicles are entirely processed on high-precision, high-performance CNC machines.

On the second floor, managed by the workshop supervisor, is the plastic processing workshop. Thái Hưng manufactures plastic parts using the most advanced technologies, including composites, carbon fiber fabric, and vacuum blow molding.

All parts produced in the mechanical workshop meet the required standards and are ready for assembly or final assembly upon leaving the workshop.

The main part of the factory is the electric car production workshop located in Building N03, which has been constructed and is currently awaiting the installation and completion of the production line equipment.

Our car workshop is designed to produce and assemble small-sized vehicles (in the A segment and Micro segment). This is the product line that Thái Hưng has been purposefully aiming for and conceptualizing since the inception of the venture. Currently, these vehicles are being finalized in design and receiving technological consultation from Roding Mobility (Germany). We expect to introduce them to the market in 2025.

“I’m truly satisfied with the working environment at the Thái Hưng Factory. The facilities here are modern and convenient, from the production areas to community living spaces like the cafeteria and accommodations equipped with hot and cold shower rooms. Colleagues here are always supportive, which makes me feel content and proud to work at this factory.”

Nguyễn Đức Dĩnh / Assembly department

“The Thái Hưng Factory not only has safe working procedures but also has friendly colleagues, creating a work environment that I find enjoyable and exciting. Although we sometimes face challenges, the sense of accomplishment from completing projects and developing new skills is what motivates me and keeps me enthusiastic.”

Nguyễn Văn Vị / Machining department

“Working at the Thái Hưng Factory has provided me with opportunities to develop my skills and capabilities. I’m highly impressed by the professionalism and dedication of my colleagues as well as the support from the leadership. The feeling of being valued and contributing to the company’s success makes each workday meaningful and fulfilling.”

Vũ Minh Hoạ / Electrical engineering team

“At the Thái Hưng Factory, there are not only safe working procedures but also a friendly team of colleagues, creating a dynamic and engaging work environment. Although we sometimes face challenges, the sense of completing a project and making progress in developing new skills is exciting and motivating here.”

Nguyễn Thị Thuý / Administration and Human Resources Department