Lease ownership – Capital cost saving solution

Welcome to Thai Hung’s electric vehicle rental service. Thai Hung is delighted to provide cost-effective and high-quality electric vehicle options that meet your business needs. If you have a location but are limited by budget or are unable to assess the benefits of investing in electric vehicles, then choose our rental service: Diverse range: Thai Hung offers a variety of electric vehicles to serve all your business needs. Whether you require compact electric cars for city commuting, electric cargo vans for transporting goods, or specialized electric vehicles, we have suitable solutions for you. Cost savings: With Thai Hung’s electric vehicles, you can typically charge on-site. We are also flexible in battery rental costs and replacement based on their lifespan, ensuring cost-effectiveness and suitability. Professional expertise: Thai Hung’s technical staff is always ready to serve you with dedication and professionalism. After renting our vehicles, we provide thorough training sessions on their usage for all the vehicle models you rent. Our technical team will also visit and maintain the vehicles regularly as per your request. Flexible benefits: Thai Hung offers flexible rental packages to suit your needs and timeframe. You can rent vehicles on an annual, monthly, or even daily basis with quick procedures. For golf courses, resorts, and premium tourism areas, we provide special financial incentives. Come and experience the quality, convenience, and environmentally friendly electric vehicle rental service of Thai Hung. Let us accompany you on every business journey. Contact our hotline number at +84 (0) 888 809 889.